Great Customer Support from CPS Call Blocker

Ever since I’ve had my current phone number, I’ve been plagued by ‘Unavailable’ and ‘International’ nuisance calls two, three and even four times a day – many of them from UK companies getting around the TPS rules by using overseas call centres.

I’d looked at the ‘TrueCall’ device but was somewhat put off by the £100 price tag. Although, it has fewer features, at around £40, I decided to go for the CPR Call Blocker which, according to their website would do all I need.

I decided to order through Amazon and was a bit disappointed when it arrived as it was a version 103 model whereas the latest model is v 105. I quick comparison of the online User Guides showed I was missing a feature or two that could prove useful.


I thought there was nothing to lose, so I emailed CPR’s customer care and was absolutely amazed at their response. Not only did they answer emails almost immediately (at one point emails were passing back and forth almost instantaneously) they also gave me a Freepost mailing address and exchanged the Call Blocker for the very latest model!

Now, I don’t want this blog to turn into a product review site but I think such superb customer service deserves a mention as it seems quite rare these days. They could have just ignored my first email or replied with a simple “tough luck” type of message!

Incidentally, I note that the devices on Amazon are now only distributed by the manufacturer so it’s likely that you’d get the latest version when ordered through Amazon. Never-the-less, I’d compare the prices if I were you!