Back to it!

With one thing and another, my rechargeable battery tester project has taken a bit of a back seat since the parts arrived two weeks ago.


I needed to spend some time tidying the garden now that the plants are starting to die back and then the computer decided not to behave. Everything tested out ok, but tests on the memory and hard drives tend to be time consuming so it was a case of nipping in and out to sort the garden and the PC at the same time.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the computer’s main hard drive is on its way out so I’ve replaced it with a spare. Trying to rush things, I was installing Windows updates at the same time as I was installing other software and that didn’t go at all well. All in all, it’s taken about four days to get the PC back to how I like it. So…. back to the battery tester project!

I’d already designed the PCB before the other jobs interrupted me so, hopefully, I’ll be able to make some progress now before I get bored with it. I’ve just finished etching the PCB so now to the fun job of drilling all the little holes!


I contacted the Council about a bit of fly-tipping that I’d spotted about three days ago. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly they respond… or not.



The Council are having another discussion about the closure of Lyndale Special School tonight, the ruling Labour cabinet’s original decision to close it having been “called-in” (ie challenged) by pretty-well most of the opposition.

According to the Globe, the Education Secretary is “taking an interest” (whatever that means) so the Globe will make an interesting read tomorrow – although, knowing this Council, nothing will change.