More Computer Woes!

I use a programming environment called ‘Delphi’. My version, Delphi 7, is rather old now but is still widely acclaimed to be the best version that was written. Much like Windows, it reached a peak after which there was only one way it could go.

It was written in the days of Windows XP, so installing it on Windows 7 (with its User Account Control) proved to be a bit of a challenge. One difficulty was Delphi 7’s Help File used a system that Microsoft had replaced in Windows 7. Luckily, Microsoft provided a patch to make the Help File work on Windows 7.

Today, I put Delphi 7 on my Windows 8.1 laptop but Windows 8.1 wouldn’t allow me to use the patch I’d used in Windows 7 for the Help File. Thoughtfully, Microsoft have provided a new version of the patch for Windows 8.1, which I downloaded and tried to install.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t install and, after much searching, it turns out that the patch requires the system’s language to be set to English (US). Another hour wasted downloading and installing the English (US) language pack just to run the Help File patch.

Windows 8.1 really is a hodge podge of barely-tested bits and pieces cobbled together in a hurry by a committee!

(Ref: Microsoft Blog )