Rain Gauge

About a week ago, before the nice weather came to an end, I decided to clean the ‘tipping bucket’ in the rain gauge for my weather station.

Unfortunately, over the years, the case had become amazingly brittle. I hardly touched it and it fell apart into dozens of pieces.

It was made from a 100 CD ‘cakebox’ and I found a dealer on ebay who sold the empty cases for £1 each (as a pack of 6 but, hey, it looks like I’ll need a few spares!).

It was a twist-on type, the same as the existing one, but naturally sod’s law didn’t make it too easy. The old one only had three fixing lugs, the new ones have 4. So it meant dismantling the ‘guts’ to drill and fit a new base as well as making the new top.

Luckily, it stopped raining long enough for me to get the ladder out and get to work!