Fence repairs – already :-(

My neighbour painted their side of my nice new fence last week.  Everyone has to learn, I suppose, but it was a shame they neglected to slip some cardboard under the panels while they painted them and allowed them to dry.  Luckily,a neighbour to one side of me spotted them and gave them some good advice so only half of the panels are affected.

The result is seen in the first photo below.  I tried everything from bleach, white spirit, wire brush and a rotary brush to remove the drips – all with varying degrees of failure 🙁


I’ve been looking through the online masonry paints trying to find a suitable colour because it’s becoming obvious I’m not going to be able to remove the runs without adversely affecting the concrete surface. I specifically didn’t want to use brilliant white because, I think, it looks unnatural and was struggling to find a suitable colour.

My brother suggested I try using a ‘cement wash’.  I made up a weak, runny,  mix with some ready mixed mortar in the garage and brushed on a coat in an out of the way place…. Result – success!

It remains to be seen how it will stand up to the weather but it looks like I’ve got my job for one day this week while this nice weather stays with us. One down, 3 more to do.