First Bin Run

Cut both lawns this morning for the first time in a week. I deliberately let them grow long while I tried to deal with whatever it is that’s ailing them.

Anyway, ended up with a pile of grass cuttings that, when added to the other garden waste I’d collected, ended up way to much to stuff into the green bin.

So, my first garden waste run to the local tip. Looks like I timed it just right: eight minutes to get there, one minute to dump the waste and eight minutes back.

The Council claim they’ve broken the 30,000 break-even number of £35-a-head subscribers and are hailing the brown bin charge a success!

That still leaves 80,000 previous users of the service who haven’t subscribed, a huge increase in landfill (the cost  of which, to us taxpayers,  rose by £8 per tonne this year and will rise again to £80 per tonne next year), an inevitable increase in fly-tipping (with the associated costs dealing with it) and loads more carbon dumped into the atmosphere as we all make individual “bin runs” or treat our neighbours to a weekly garden fire.

Success? Nah!