This ‘n That


I seem to be fighting a losing battle with both my front lawn and my back lawn 🙁   Although I’ve been giving them plenty of water, they’re dying!

It looks like some sort of fungus disease in the back lawn and I’m guessing that I’ve transferred it to the front lawn on my shoes or with  the lawnmower.

It’s finally started to rain so I’ll see how it goes but I’m not hopeful.  Then it’ll be decision time: To have them re-turfed or come up with a nice flags/patio design.

My Freeview box has clocked off


I have my Humax Freeview box set to come out of standby at 4pm each day to give the EPG chance to populate before I start watching a bit later. But I noticed several days ago that it wasn’t coming out of standby and the clock was showing four dashes. As it worked ok once I switched it on ‘manually’, I lived with it but it became a problem because it wasn’t powering itself up to record scheduled programmes either.

The rain today gave me an excuse to stay indoors and see what I could do to fix it…. full details on my main site here: