Nice gesture!

I gave my new fence a coat of fence preservative a week or two ago. I wanted the natural wood grain to show through so I used a preserver rather than the usual ‘paint’.

Now that the shrubbery has had chance to re-establish itself, I think it looks quite nice even though the preservative was a bit expensive!


I was chilling out after a shower a couple of evenings ago when I spotted a car pulling up outside.  The neighbour on the ‘other’ side of the new fence  popped round and presented me with a super potted Azalea!  I thought a really nice gesture and it looks superb. Thanks!


I’m not a gardener so I’ll need to do a bit of Googling to see about its maintenance but the intention is to put it up against the fence once it’s stopped flowering.  Apparently, they prefer dappled sunlight under a tree but it’ll have to manage the best it can!