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Telephone Preference Service

Like most people, I registered with the Telephone Preference Service and, also like most people, I found it a complete waste of time. Here’s yesterday’s call list dutifully blocked by my phone: On the occasions that I receive a call that isn’t blocked, they all have one of two things in common. They’re either from […]

Takes all sorts.

What with speed humps, potholes, dog walkers, pedestrians, cyclists and the fact there’s no pavements, I would have thought that 20mph was plenty down this narrow lane. But, hey, what do I know….

Some more HVDC photos.

Lovely day and evening. Finally tempted me out at night! (As always, click a photo for a larger version – and click again for even larger!) 300mm lens. Night shots: 1/2 second f16

HVDC Cable

2.4 GHz Spectrum Analyser – Update

Finally finished the write-up for my Spectrum Analyser and put it on my main site: Spectrum Analyser

Another Project Bites the Dust!

I’ve been racking my brains (or what’s left of them) for a new electronics project and had more-or less settled on a simpler version of my camera intervalometer. I started costing the parts: 5-way Navigation Switch (with legend): £20.00 2-stage push switch (for focus & shutter): Unobtainable. ATmega328 microcontroller & supporting parts: £5.00 ish Enclosure: […]

What a waste!

Like most people who’ve been dabbling in computer-building and repairs for more years than I care to think about, coupled with my ‘come in handy one day’ mentality meant I’d acquired a fair-sized pile of spare parts. Some are even brand new, in their original boxes. It’s the sort of stuff that charity shops tend […]

iOS7 Update

I think this is the second update since iOS7 was released (escaped?) mid-September. The first one apparently fixed the bug which allowed the lock screen to be by-passed. There’s quite a long list of changes associated with this latest update (7.0.3). The most notable addition is probably iCloud Keychain. From a quick read of the […]


Anyone who happens to glance at my front windows first thing in the morning, might think I’m the classic ‘nosy neighbour’ if they catch me peeping through a crack in the curtains, trying hard not to be seen. Truth is, I’m hiding from a flock of ducks! Eight or so of them wait patiently on […]

Apple iOS7

My iPhone 4 has been pestering me the last few days to upgrade to the latest operating system iOS7. A friend, who’s much more confident in messing around with these things visited on Saturday, so it seemed a good opportunity to upgrade while I had the benefit of his expertise. So we upgraded to iOS7. […]