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Making Candles!

DSL/Broadband Router Watchdog

Finally got round to writing up my latest Arduino project and posting it on my main site.

Another PayPal Scam

Received an email this morning supposedly from PayPal. You can usually tell scams and phishing emails by the bad grammar and poor spelling but this one was almost perfect (click image to enlarge): I could almost have fallen for this one – until I saw the Subject header! 🙂 9/10 better luck next time ! […]

PayPal Phishing Scam

Just had this email supposedly from PayPal. The URL of the webpage you’re invited to visit looks quite like the genuine PayPal URL and the page looks pretty much identical… One to watch out for. (Click for larger image)

Virus Warning

Look out for an email like this one: The attachment looks like it’s for an invoice but it’s a virus.


I’ve had a “classic” Casio watch for longer than I can remember – the F-91W. It’s had a couple of new straps and, over the years, the face has become scratched so that it’s sometimes hard to tell 6’s from 8’s. So, I decided to treat myself to a new one. The F-91W is less […]

Carr Lane Old Brickworks Site

The old brickworks site adjacent to Carr Lane has been the subject of several planning permission delays and appeals for many years now. Way back in 2001, Wirral’s Planning Department had stipulated a condition on the owners that they had permission to extract clay for a maximum of 11 years. However, in November 2011, the […]

Third Time Lucky?

Wirral has tried twice previously to get our patient information into private sector databases. And twice, the residents of Wirral have knocked them back following consultations (of sorts). One major concern was that American confidentiality safeguards are less stringent than in the UK. It looks like they’re having another try: Wirral Globe: Private sector plays […]

New Arduino Project

Arduino-Based General Election Party Picker I’m finding it really hard to choose my favourite Party for the forthcoming General Election so I thought why not let the power of the Arduino’s 16MHz processor do the hard work for me. So, here’s my latest Arduino project:

Shopping Around

I’m normally quite lazy when it comes to renewing house and car insurance by taking “advantage” of the helpful “You need not do anything” option. This year, I decided to see what I could save by shopping around: Estimated gas and electricity saving by switching supplier and moving to dual fuel: £271. Car insurance saved […]